Summerford Dev Log: Day 43

Summerford Dev Log: Day 43

Day 43.. [ nervous laughter intensifies ]

Where’d all those days go?

Well, 5 juicy working days so full of potential were lost to us as we had to iron-out some problems on the non-gaming side of the business. So it’s really only day 39 in my head.

Dan and I also did some vomiting. Not together. We’re really sick this year, for some reason.

Either way, we’ve now marched on right past the 30 day milestone, and although the days shouldn’t be really be getting warmer and brighter, climate change appears to be helping things along a little.

So what are the haps?


We are going to EGX Rezzed. And also running the tabletop area, ooh.

So Summerford shall go to the ball, and this fact is mildly alarming as we’ve promised to show a game that maybe doesn’t quite really exist yet.

Optimal results for us tend to be created when a fire has been lit underneath us (like, directly underneath us, like our shoes).

A deadline for a game to be made in 2020 sounds like an impossibly distant future full of flying cars and universal basic income, while a deadline that’s over before I’m even allowed to gorge on Easter eggs is a lot more, uhm, “motivating”?

Conventions are fun

This is probably not the best way to develop games, but we do not know any better.

Incidentally Dan has pointed out this is around the same time frame our Prime Minister has to sort out leaving the entire EU forever, so it could always be worse, I guess.

Steam Pages!

Indie marketing 101: Any real marketing you do – for example – going to EGX – is kind of a waste of time if you don’t have a Steam page. Steam Wishlists are the shitty pre-orders of the future.

Here’s a sneak peak at that, complete with the first actual bit of copy written about the game. Steam have to verify these things but that’s their problem, not ours, so all done for now:

Other marketing things to do: Make website less bad, register more domain names.

Actual Games Things!

We spent a lot of time last week doing boring things that are not fun for dev logs, such as cleaning up our project file, organising assets and generally making the workflow easier moving forward. Very important, but not very romantic.

Still, we continue work on our first two areas and have a few new shots:

The library, one of the actual nearly “finished” scenes
We gave Daniel free reign on the train station and he’s made some sort of weird sex dungeon. PEGI will not be pleased.
The school’s dining room used as a shelter, complete with professional and realistic looking ‘blood splat’ asset

Work continues! Environments in both areas are close to being finished, though the smaller railway area also now has puzzles, object interaction and even a little bit of story worked in, so it’s a little further along.

We’ve also made some progress with what will one day become a UI. Here’s a example of our now, fancy spinny object pick-up animation:

If you look closely you can watch our NPC doing her placeholder “seductive sway” idle animation

It’s a nod to the classic Survival Horror trope / fetish of spinning inventory objects that I think probably started with Alone in the Dark, and it has the added bonus of not needing to make pick-up animations!

Progress in the next few weeks will be critical in working out what we do / don’t show at EGX, but the current plan remains to have a 15+ minute demo that includes both areas.

Thanks for reading!

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