Summerford Dev Log Day 26

Summerford Dev Log Day 26

Finally, a full week! Albeit one where we’ve had some business-related distractions to sort out, but mostly, we’ve been able to get on with building Summerford and we’ve got lots done!

Mr Spores.

Last week we put up some basic concept art but we now have a full model or our first enemy, a fungus infected ex-human who I am affectionately naming Mr. Spores for this blog:

Mr. Spores walks slow and is incredibly stupid, but he’s got a powerful grab and he will not stop hunting you down. We’ve had time to get his animations working too, and have him attack and kill our player character.

She can’t fight back yet though, which is a little unfair.

School and Railway Interiors

I showed a very early shots of the outside of school and railway station last week, but this week we’ve been mostly working on the interiors of those buildings.

The school library, classroom, dining hall turned evacuation shelter and toilet are pictured above. Some areas, such as the library are near complete.

“Near complete” in this sense means nearly 100% our own models and textures, while the other rooms are still using some placeholder assets or our own models that we haven’t textured yet.

The school is pretty big: Currently 16 rooms and 25 different camera angles with another 10 or so cameras to add. The plan is for our school area to be the first area of the game with a central puzzle (entering the headmaster’s office), secondary puzzles and hopefully a boss fight.

The station is a little smaller, at least in terms of it’s interior, but we’re still hoping to have a couple of puzzles to solve there as you fight and explore your way into the ticket office to progress forwards. Currently we’re hoping doing so will be the end point of our demo build.

We even wrote a test puzzle involving using a fire extinguisher and a pole to grab a key that’s stuck down the back of a hot radiator, which may or may not be in the game but gave us a feel for how the coding of puzzles will work.

Cameras and boundaries

Slightly less exciting, but a lot of the work this week is setting up lots of fixed perspective cameras. We’re testing player tracking cameras for certain shots, which is something used quite often in the early Resident Evil games to avoid fixed-camera-fatigue and mix things up.

Plenty of tweaking both on the cameras themselves and their triggers yet, and it’s fiddly work. Our player character needs to chill out and slow down quite a bit too, but it’s nice to have to a fully functional and explorable environment.

Here’s the end result of that so far – an explorable school! The video is a bit dark, as we’ve not been working on any lighting yet:

That’s it for this week. Next week will mark the first month of us working on the project, and our current plans are to continuing building out the school and railway, perhaps starting on the puzzles and linking the interior and exterior together!

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