Summerford Dev Log: Day 19

Summerford Dev Log: Day 19

One week we’ll get a whole five days of work done… but not this week! since our last blog Daniel has had yet another tooth … surgery(?) and I have been off “Up North” tasting food for my wedding.

Our First Character

While Dan and I mess around, our much more hard working artist Sarah is moving full speed ahead now, and we’ve finally done some character work. Here’s our first playable character:

We’ve called her “Sarah” for now, which isn’t confusing at all. In the game she’s going to be an urban explorer type, and one of the two playable characters.

Work on school and railway

We may be attending EGX Rezzed in April, which is only two months away! Because of this we’re trying to focus on getting two of our early areas, the school and railway in the village, to a polished state.

We’ve created models for a brand new school house and train station. It’s nice to be finally placing these big models down and slowly replacing our American placeholder models with something more English and unique to our setting!

And we even have a train that moves, and makes authentic train noises. You can’t hear the train noises in this gif, but please pretend:

Having these bigger models in place allows Dan and I to properly work out scale and camera angles, which in turn helps us work out exactly how a scene might end up looking and where key events might happen.

For a scene like the railway, simple setting up the outside is quite a lot of the work. For a larger area like the school, we then have to work out all the puzzle mechanics and the layout of the level itself – something I’ve been working on this week that we’ll hopefully be turning into more of a reality in the next couple of blogs.

Enemy Concept Art

Finally, here’s some concept art from Sarah for our basic ‘zombie like’ enemy that players will encounter in the earlier stages of the game.

Rather than classic zombies or radioactive zombies, we’re working towards enemies that are a little bit more natural in their infection – especially in terms of things like worms and mushrooms.

More concepts and hopefully a 3D model coming next week so we can start placing these guys down in our school.

Thanks for reading!

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