Summerford Dev Blog: Day 12

Summerford Dev Blog: Day 12

Hello! Hard to believe it’s only been 12 days since we really started working on this.

A lot of our time these past few days has been spent trying to get our heads around animation and rigging. In fact, just about all Sarah’s work right now revolves around our main character model.

We’re not quite ready to show any of that yet, but hopefully in a few days we’ll have some of the foundations sorted out.

Meanwhile though, we’ve made other progress, despite Daniel’s continuing desire to visit the dentist once a week, and my day off to go the Resident Evil 2 safe-house in London.

User Interface

The big update here is that we kind of have one! Well, the basis of one, anyway. Here’s our first attempt at “notes” in the classic 90s survival horror style:

And here’s the start of our inventory here, complete with a staple of the older survival horror games – rotating 3D models:

New Scenes

In the meantime, we’ve also been working on a couple of new areas. Dan and myself might not be artists, but we’re certainly capable of placing some shapes and Unity store assets!

Here’s the very early ideas of those new areas:

School: Front Entrance
Railway: Before Bridge

The current workflow for this is for Dan and I to make the areas with asset store graphics or unity objects, to get an idea of scale, camera angles and the general feel for an area.

The next step after that is to start adding in our own models, and then working on lighting, triggers and all the detail.

Draft World Map

Finally, I spent some time mapping out what the actual game world might look like.

Right now with things like animation requiring not just the time to create but the time to learn, it’s still quite difficult to scope out the size of the game, but here’s my first attempt:

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